What’s Next?

So the 100 Day Challenge got rudely interrupted by real, actual work.   This in turn has made me refocus and consider the the direction I want my design work to go in.

Amidst all this activity I managed to complete the first brief from Rachael Taylor's Make It In Design Summer School.  The style proposed was Modern Pop Art which definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone for several days.  There were many attempts to get started and many ideas scrapped until I finally felt happy with the my fruit illustrations.

The colour scheme was brighter than I am used to but I really enjoyed it and will continue with brights for a while as they are a break from the indigo work I'm producing at the moment.

So here is the final piece and I'm looking forward to starting the second brief on Monday. 



I will be making changes to my site over the next few weeks to reflect my new ventures so please bear with me.


Back soon

J x