The last push towards finishing my degree.

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Things have been a bit hectic in the studio lately but I felt the need for a quick update.  I feel I always start my posts with an excuse for my absence, oh dear!

I handed in my thesis before Easter which enabled me to have a bit of a break without feeling guilty that I should be working.  Such a lovely feeling to have that part of my final year out of the way. I came away from the whole experience inspired to write a book. I’m hoping that feeling will disappear soon before I get carried away!

In reality, Easter was taken up with researching a new material which I hope to use in my final shows, catching up with many friends who have forgotten what I look like and having a little bit of a rest.
I’m still on break this week but back to the drawing-board – quite literally. I’ve produced a new range of motifs to complement my existing range and been out and about taking some cityscape photos.


bristol shots


A lovely sunny day out finding lots of shapes, patterns and textures to work from.  I have some ideas for a ‘glitch’ effect which I’ll be exploring.


My work is continuing on the Urban Jungle theme with more imagery from photos I took last year at the inspiring Bristol Botanic Gardens and Desert to Jungle near Taunton in Somerset.


Jungle shots


I’ve been working with these images to produce motifs for my patterns which will be used in the creation of textiles, wallpapers and laser-cut slate.  I am hoping to use the slate in quite an innovative way so I’ll keep quiet about my plans until I have had a chance to test some ideas out.

Here is a little taste of what I have been up to so far.  I’m not giving very much away yet as I would like to have a few surprises to reveal at my end of year shows at Somerset College and New Designers in London.




Colour swatches have arrived today, see Instagram feed for a sneak preview.  I don’t expect to use all of them but who knows.  I think it was Kaffe Fassett who once said,

” why use 20 colours when you can use 20 more”  Good point!

In preparation for the degree show in London I have joined Arts Thread and some of my portfolio can be seen by clicking the link.

Right, that’s me just about up to date.

Until next time.

Jan x