Commission for the Beacon Centre

Hi everyone,


As you may remember I was part of a team of students from Somerset College who were tasked with creating a wayfinding scheme for the Oncology Unit of our local hospital.  I blogged about it back in February – blimey, has it been THAT long!!  Well our designs were accepted, finance agreed and work is finally about to start.

I am heading over to the Isle of Wight to spend some time with A J Wells who are specialists in enamelling. I will be there to choose colours and deliver the artwork files.  At the moment I’m frantically checking and double checking the vector files to make sure they are as clean as possible. No pressure!

Once that trip is complete then we can get to work on arranging manufacture of the other aspects of the project which includes a floor trail and window vinyls.

I can’t wait to see the whole project come together and installed in the hospital.

I will post some images soon, once they are finalised.


Aside from the Beacon Centre project I have, of course, been busy over the summer working on my final year project, researching my thesis and taking part in the Make It In Design Summer School.  All of this was great fun but I’m ready to get back to a more structured existance soon.

It’s about 4 weeks until Uni returns and I have a week off in Austria first for much walking, mountain biking, swimming and eating!!


See you on the other side – I’m off to practice my yodeling.