Make It In Design Summer School is HERE!

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Today is the first day of the wonderfully exciting, motivating and inspiring Make It In Design Summer School.


This year I have opted for the Advanced track – I know! Get me!


advanced track logo


Largely because doing all three tracks last year was too much plus I still have much of the Modules 2 & 3 to complete in readiness for the Ultimate Portfolio Builder in September. On top of that I have live projects ongoing at college.  So I have tried to be realistic about how much time I can devote to this.


I also need to work on my final year project – still deciding what that will be AND I plan to write at least a draft of my thesis, again, still deciding what that will be.


So rather than ponder too much about what I will do next year, I have dived straight in to the first brief.  For a change I have put away my pens and picked up paper and scissors and started snipping away.


Here’s where I am on this journey so far…..


papercuts montage


Pop back in a day or two to see where it leads me.


Jan x