Have you got a very particular set of skills?

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No this isn’t the latest in the movie franchise Taken!


The recent post from Creative Boom caught my eye today asking that very same question.  In the marketplace it isn’t enough to be fantastic at illustration; be able to make repeat patterns; knowing your fushias from your magentas or being a wizard at Photoshop and Illustrator.


Photo credit; Creative Boom
Photo credit; Creative Boom




There is another set of skills required to succeed in the creative arena and some of them can’t be bought on an e-course or taught at all.   I think I may need to crawl into a quiet corner with a hypnotherapy tape and a self-help book.

Read the post by Glen Hickling here and let me know what you think.


Thanks for reading and I hope it didn’t scare you too much.


Jan 🙂