25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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After sending my last post off into cyderspace (I’m from Somerset!) I realised that it was the 25th post to my fledgeling blog.

I thought this landmark should be marked in some way and had a notion of creating a list of 25…..something.  Googling for inspiration I immediately found a page about the recently departed Joan Rivers.  

I loved Joan from the first time I saw her on TV in the 80’s. She was so quick and honest, sometimes acidic but a revolutionary.  Anyway I found her list of 
25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I recycle outfits like crazy. 

2. My first car ran on biofuel in the days before the horse pulled the buggy. 

3. I have a week every year when I get to do
whatever I want with my grandson, Cooper. We’ve been to dude ranches,
swimming with sharks and bungee jumping. 

4. If I weren’t in show business, I would be an anthropologist. 

5. I collect china. If you come to my house, you’ll never eat off the same pattern. 

6. I am a rotten cook, but I make a great omelet. 

7. I love to travel. 

8. I love thrift stores. 

9. Age doesn’t bother me at all. But I wouldn’t want to be a day older. 

10. I try to walk 3 miles every day, even if it’s at an airport. 

11. Winning Celebrity Apprentice was one of the best things that happened to me that day. 

12. If I could change one thing about my appearance…too late. I’ve already done it!

13. My last meal would be everything Italian — lasagna, noodles, cheeses, cannolis. 

14. I started plastic surgery young, when I was 31. 

15. My big charity now is Guide Dogs for the Blind. But they’re always naming dogs after me!

16. My worst job was working with polygamists. All they wanted were “take my wives” jokes. 

17. I’d love to go on a date with Evel Knievel’s brother, Good Knievel. 

18. I have so many books around my bed, it looks like a fort. 

19. I’m always on a diet. 

20. I was Phi Beta Kappa, which you get from doing more gooder on tests!

21. I am a terrible procrastinator. 

22. My five dogs are all rescues. 

23. I’ve been in the biz 46 years and never worked on an unhappy set!

24. I’m not a picky eater. If I were in the Donner party, I would ask for seconds. 

25. I was a great mother to Melissa, 46. Past tense, because she won’t listen to me now!

Us Weekly.
Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Thank you Joan