The Car Lives

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After the fun and games yesterday I am pleased to report that the car has survived and lives to drive another day. Phew!

With that little drama out of the way I have started to work on the MIID Summer School brief of tribal shapes.  Having started a little later than others on this brief, due to Global Talent Search deadline, I have had a chance to see what other designers have been doing.  There are some amazing designs being submitted and I look forward to seeing the galleries when they are released at the end of next week.

My initial sketches followed similar themes to others of triangles, chevrons (zigzags to you and me) dots etc.  I had also noticed in some of the forums that the topic of tribes seemed to be quite a political hot potato for some people.  This started me thinking about tribes closer to home, which lead me to this great article from the Guardian . Which tribe are you?  Modern pirate or vintage obsessive?

It’s funny how research takes you to interesting places as this article lead me to graffiti and I noticed how lots of street art is similar to the tribal body markings of tribes from across the globe.  So that is what I based my design on.  Not the most obvious tribal pattern but I like to colour outside the lines!!


I also used the opportunity to practice some of the techniques I picked up from the online live tutorial last night from CreativeLive with Bonnie Christine  I learned so much that it was a bit overwhelming.  The video is being re-screened throughout the day so I hope to dip in and catch some more.  It’s free so check for yourself.

Now for a brain rest and dinner with friends tonight.  Lamb tagine with lemon and pomegranate couscous – yummy!

J x