My Global Talent Search Journey

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Before this month I had never heard of Lilla Rogers and her Global Talent Search but there was such a buzz about it amongst other Make It In Design Summer School participants that I had to investigate.

The opportunity to be represented by one of the top agents is too good an opportunity to miss so I decided to go for it!   Now I’m not an illustrator but the brief seemed to call for a more painterly approach, so that was good.

The brief was Little Terrariums and was to produce a piece of wall art reflecting this theme and incorporating at least one word of text.  After a little research, just to double check that terrariums were what I thought they were I was ready to start.

After some initial sketching I embarked on what can only be described as the most frustrating weekend of my life!

As I am not very accomplished at using Illustrator I found it a real struggle to produce the image that I had in my head.

Eventually, I gave up and reached for my brushes.

I got so engrossed in the process that I forgot to record my journey along the way but in a nutshell, I created a colourful under-painting, painted some plant shapes over the top.  When the paint was dry I masked areas that I wanted to keep as “high colour” and roughly painted the rest in white , allowing some of the colour to show through.  With a bit of dabbling (yes, that’s a technical term), some pastels, a bit of scratching back and I was done.

I was so excited and relieved to have finished with a piece of work that i was happy to submit that I very nearly forgot to put any wording on!!!

As the competition has attracted 999 entries, I am under no illusion that I will progress to the next round but you never know.  

Here is my finished piece.

Once my time in the competition is over I will make it available in my Society6 Shop

Now just to finish the Summer School Advanced brief.

Happy Tuesday

Jan x