Highs and Lows

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Yesterday was a very creative day with the painting for Global Talent Search going well.  All the struggles with Illustrator at the weekend made me totally revise my approach to Lilla’s brief and I’m so pleased that I went back to what I love – painting.

My final submission has been made and now there’s the anxious wait to see if, by some miracle, I have made it to the second round.  The cut will be brutal – 1000’s down to 50…. eeeek!

As soon as I am able, I will post my entry here.  In the meantime it is hanging on my landing as I love it so much.

* * * * * 

My start to the day today couldn’t have been more different:  With my head full of tribal prints and ethnic colour palettes for the latest MIID Summer School I ventured out in my husband’s car. Noticing it had little fuel left, I popped into the garage and after negotiating various vans, lorries and other vehicles managed to find a pump which didn’t have an “Out of Order” sign on it.   Duly refueled I drove down the road only to grind to a halt some 100 yards later.

I had only gone and put unleaded petrol in our diesel car (mine’s a petrol)

My joyful morning of sketching, research and playing with colour turned into a frantic hunt for men to help me push the car off the busy road, laden with commuters.  Not good that early in the morning before coffee! But I was wearing a short skirt so it didn’t take long to persuade a couple of young chaps to get pushing.  Thanks guys.

Then followed “the call” to the husband to explain what had happened.  As he drowned our last car in the floods I had that nugget in reserve if he started getting mad!  He didn’t, as he’s lovely like that. x 
After phone calls, lifts from the other Mr Olive (brother in law) and engaging the services of our local repair garage, I was back home and the car was on it’s way to be drained and checked.
It is so easy to do when
1. you are in a hurry
2. have one of each type of car
3. are not concentrating because you are thinking about designs
4. it’s early and you haven’t had coffee
5. you are stupid
I am staying in for the rest of the day as I clearly can’t be trusted with heavy machinery today.
J x