So excited….

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…. as the second round of Summer School briefs has just pinged into my Inbox. The theme is tribal / animal print which fits perfectly with the sketches I did at RAMM in Exeter a few weeks ago.  Lots of lovely patterns and mark-making taken from clothing, wooden implements, paddles … Read More

Retro Geometrics

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I started tackling the Intermediate brief for Make It In Design Summer School on Friday but didn’t feel that I was getting anywhere. It’s amazing what a break can do and today I started afresh and the ideas just flowed and the design clicked into place.  I decided to start … Read More

Make It In Design Summer School is here…

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…. the briefs have pinged into my Inbox and they look fab. I now have three design briefs to work on for the next two weeks.  The sketching, design development and resolution work will definitely give me plenty of opportunity to fill up my Uni “holiday project” sketchbook. I have … Read More

Patterned Print Rollers

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Inspired by a patterned roller workshop that I attended recently with Helen from Moorish Idol, I went off to see if I could make one for myself. Whilst the range of designs available from The Painted House who supply the rollers is great, I wanted to design my own. After … Read More

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