Surely it can’t be Autumn already!

What a crazy year 2017 has turned out to be.  I’ve been fortunate to be busy with lots of freelance projects as well as a couple of part-time roles too. Life seems to be calming down finally, allowing me some time to reassess my retail ventures.  I’ve decided to leave … Read More

Vodka Watermelon!

Hi  What started out as a sensible conversation with friends about the best foods to aid hydration, soon became a whole lot more interesting.   Introducing the vodka-filled watermelon!!  Or any alcoholic beverage seems to work, or so I’m told.  The method appears to be straightforward enough.  Cut a hole in the … Read More

March Madness

What a month March turned out to be.   I launched an online shop with the lovely peeps over at Contrado in London and have been busy adding lots of products to my shop ever since.  So far I have been using designs from my portfolio but I will be … Read More

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