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I recently saw a plea for artists to volunteer to join a charity called Supershoes.  I hadn't heard of them before but after a little research, a lot of reading and many tears I decided to apply.  If you are not aware of the charity, they gift painted shoes to children fighting cancer in the UK.

Supershoes is a completely voluntary organisation with over 200 Super Artists, 12 Super Admin Volunteers and 4 Super Terrific Trustees. 

Each pair of shoes are designed specifically for a particular child or young person and hand painted by a Super Artist to express the child and all of the things they like. This could be a favourite game, sports team, music, animals or all of the above! In fact, anything that the child holds dear.

Supershoes are as unique as the child or young person that wears them and act as a reminder to that child of who they are, despite their illness, challenges and treatment.


I was thrilled to be accepted into the Super Artist family and have now created my first pair.  I won't reveal any details yet as it is only fair to let the recipient be the first to see them but I will share in a few weeks.  It was very nerve-wracking putting paint to canvas that first time not only because they were a brand new, pristine white pair of Converse trainers but I didn't want to let my Super Hero down.  We share a favourite colour - turquoise. I hope she likes them and they make her feel special every day.


Here are just a few of the amazing shoes created so far.

I haven't sent Christmas cards for many years now, preferring to donate the money to a small charity instead.  This year I will be donating to Supershoes. It costs £50 to produce and deliver each pair of Supershoes. That covers the shoes, paint and postage.

If you would like to sponsor a pair or raise funds to support this cause please click the link to the Supershoes Fundraising page for ideas both for personal and corporate fundraising.

If you cannot provide financial support please feel free to share information about Supershoes to spread the word about the great work they do.


Thanks for reading