Vodka Watermelon!


What started out as a sensible conversation with friends about the best foods to aid hydration, soon became a whole lot more interesting.


Introducing the vodka-filled watermelon!!  Or any alcoholic beverage seems to work, or so I'm told.  The method appears to be straightforward enough.  Cut a hole in the top of said melon with an apple corer, fill it with the demon- drink of your choice by inserting the top of the bottle into the melon.  It's advisable to place the melon in a deep bowl for stability while the vodka works it's magic.

Leave to soak for several hours or overnight and either cut it up and eat or pop in a straw and you've got yourself a PARTY!!


More detailed information can be gleaned by clicking the picture below.

So there you have it.


Anyway all this talk of watermelons over coffee yesterday inspired me to buy one.  As the sun was shining this morning I had some for breakfast, without vodka,  and it was so colourful I took a photo of it.  It makes a great colour palette so I've created one to share.


Feel free to download and use for your projects.  

I'd love to see how you use the colours so please share on Instagram and tag me so I can see.  @jan_olive #drunkenmelon

Stay hydrated!

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