Past Modern Inspiration

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With the house to myself today I have managed to get cracking on my inspirations for this project.  Using my own photos and good old Pinterest to find amazing images I have put together a board which will keep me focused while I sketch.

Looking back, past designers come to mind such as  William Morris.  Always the obvious choice but I prefer the work of architect and designer Owen Jones.  The geometery and abstracted designs appeal to me as well as his work inspired by the Spanish Alhambra Palace.


I think his tessellated style will suit this project too.  So it is his work I have included on my board along with natural forms and the SS16 colour palette.


Past Modern Inspiration Board
Past Modern Inspiration board


Somehow I will also incorporate the paper cutting which I started on Monday.  That may be a challenge but isn’t that what makes designing so exciting?


Answers on a postcard please!


J x