Fox Brothers – Day One

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Hi everyone,

Today was the first day of my “mill experience” with Fox Brothers in Wellington, Somerset.  Famous for their long and illustrious history as producers of finest flannel, worsted and woollen cloths they have been at the mill for over 250 years.


Fox Bros
Photos: Fox Brothers


Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to undertake various activities with the team: explore the archives, tour the mill and drink lots of tea!

Today I spent time getting to know a bit about the different cloths, weights, design patterns, clients, researching ideas for an interiors range and generally asking a tonne of questions.

It was really interesting for me to see who buys their luxury, cloth and what becomes of it once it has left the mill.

One of the clients I discovered today was Jack Wills who were launched down the road in Devon in 1999.  If you have a young person in the house, you’ll know who they are!  Very British and totally in line with the Fox Brothers brand so I can see that this is a great collaboration.



I fell in love with the style of their Austerberry Blazer, made from Fox Brothers’ cloth – yummy!  I think I shall have to find a kindly tailor to make me something similar in the Somerset cloth that I designed.


Austerberry Blazer
Photo: Jack Wills


Photo: Jack Wills
Photo: Jack Wills


Tomorrow I shall be getting my hands on yarns of many colours, attending a client meeting, visiting the archives and drinking more tea.  I can’t think of a more lovely way to spend the day.

If you have any pressing questions about Fox Brothers, weaving, wool etc, let me know and I will try and find the answer for you.

Until then,

Jan 🙂