School’s Out x Two!

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Hi everyone,

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Life is about to get a lot more relaxing, or that’s the plan.  I have finished my second year at Somerset College; work has been submitted, essays written and the studio doors are locked.
This year has been a challenge as we have been in temporary “studios” whilst a major building project has been taking place in the Arts House.  But I have worked on some great projects including:

  • Indigo dyeing and print design

Indigo felt shibori

  • Millennium Centre, Cardiff – surface design

Millennium Centre, Cardiff

  • Repeat print project based on Possession by A S Byatt
Pages of Inspiration
Pages of Inspiration
  • Wayfinding for Beacon Centre, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton.  I will post progress and images for this project once production is underway.


Apart from returning in a couple of weeks to collect my work and visiting the Graduate Show I have a long and hopefully sunny summer ahead of me.



Obviously, not content to sit down for more than 5 minutes, I have enrolled on a weaving course and will also complete two weeks work experience at Fox Brothers, learning about cloth construction and undertaking tasks in their 250 year old archives.  I am hoping that they might be weaving my winning design during this time so I can see it in production and maybe even place it in the archives myself.

Somerset for Fox Bros
“Somerset” cloth. Fox Brothers 2015


Oh, and I also have the Beacon Centre project to complete which may happen over the summer if the money men tick all the right boxes.

School’s Out #2

Over the last 5 weeks I have also been taking part in Module 3 of the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design course.  It has been focused on the business end of designing and working for yourself, so all useful stuff.


Graduated - yay!

This course has been incredibly helpful for me and I have made some really great connections with people on the class forums.  However it wasn’t without it’s angst when I realised that none of the designs that I submitted in the two previous modules had reached the HO as I had somehow omitted the dot in their email address.  So I missed out on being featured in the Look Book, the classroom showcases etc   AAARRRGGGH!



A lesson has been painfully learned.  However, I did realise this error in time to submit my profile them for Tigerprint so all may not be lost!

But the saving grace is that  as I signed up for all four modules I will be in the Sept 2015 class of the Ultimate Portfolio Builder which promises to be very exciting with live briefs to work on too.

In the meantime I will be out and about exploring with my new USB microscope looking for inspiration for my final year.

Any suggestions?

Jan x