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Repeat screen printed they said, it’ll be fun they said….

and they were right!

Drawing on inspiration from my favorite book, Possession by A S Byatt, I have produced endless sketches of ferns, beetles, fairies, mermaids, brooches, waterfalls and much more.

I narrowed my motifs down to a fern, a rather fat beetle and a wasp.  My beetle design was the main motif for the upholstery-sized printing screen and I worked out the design in Illustrator first.  Drawing it onto seritrace took at least 6 hours.

The resulting 3 metres of repeating fabric was well worth the effort.

Using the same motifs I went on to produce around 25 screen prints in various combinations of colour as well as using devore techniques with silk velvet. Yummy!




Submission day on Friday this week so lots to do before then.  I can’t believe that I’m about half way through my degree now.

I have also been downloading the files from Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design to work on later.  The group of designers taking the current Module 2 have been so supportive and freely share their skills and knowledge, I feel very fortunate to be amongst them.

Back soon (after Friday)

Jan x