Drawing, drawing, looking and more drawing

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The fabulous Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design module series is well under way and I’m trotting along trying to keep up.  So much for my optimism that I would be able to dovetail this project with my work from Uni!  Maybe the next degree module which is repeat pattern but at the moment I’m researching perspex lighting and working with copper sheeting!  Not exactly an easy fit – more surface design than surface pattern design.

Anyway I have endeavored to do a little of each exercise and have saved the files for future reference.

What the course has taught me so far though is the importance of not just looking at objects but really seeing them!  Deconstructing items such as flowers and plants as well as every objects can yield some very interesting shapes and textures.

One of these little sketches resulted in this design.   I do seem to be favoring dark backgrounds at the moment so maybe that is part of my style.

On another note I have discovered PicMonkey which is great for creating collages of your images, as I have done above.  Mostly free to use and nice and easy to operate.

Free and easy…. what’s not to like?

J x