Coming up for air….

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Well, life has been very busy with the start of a new term at Uni.  Starting Year Two has definitely seen a step-change in terms of workload.  Getting back into work mode after an 18 week break (yeah, don’t feel too sorry for me!) has been a challenge coupled with the fact that we are in temporary studio space this year while the “Art House” is undergoing a major £12m refurbishment.

It’s quite cramped so I have relocated to the spare bedroom at home, although it has been noted that any flat surface seems to be claimed as “art space”.

Next week is deadline for submission so production of designs is well under way and panic is mounting.

I have had samples from a fabric range printed today and I will post some photos shortly.

Our brief was to explore shades of indigo so there’s lots of blue fabric everywhere.  I have been dipping anything I can lay my hands on in an indigo vat in the garage.  As part of my research I found this video.

No protective clothing here!
Many thanks to The Colours of Nature
Back soon.
Jan x