Matisse, The Cutouts – Last Weekend

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I had the opportunity to see the Matisse exhibition at Tate Modern over the summer and found it to be the most amazing experience.
I have long admired his work and thought I knew much about the man and his methods but I was blown away by the sheer scale of the pieces, the colour and energy which exuded from the walls.

The methods employed by Matisse with his cutout pieces of painted paper and the methods he employed of pinning them into place and rearranging them over and over gave me a bit of an epiphany moment. I love that you can see the tack marks in corners of the larger pieces of paper, you don’t get those details in reproductions.

As a pattern designer this seems such a great way to work; it’s what we all do in Illustrator all the time!  He just didn’t have a computer!

The highlights of the exhibition for me were Thousand and One Nights

and the Oceania Sky & Sea.  Inspired by trips in the South Pacific these were designed to decorate a room and are devoid of the colour associated with Matisse yet appeal to me in their simplicity of form.

This is the last weekend and I highly recommend that if you can get to London, go and see Matisse
Matisse – Tate Modern, London

Did anyone else get to see Matisse in London? What did you think?

Jan x