Patterned Print Rollers

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Inspired by a patterned roller workshop that I attended recently with Helen from Moorish Idol, I went off to see if I could make one for myself.

Whilst the range of designs available from The Painted House who supply the rollers is great, I wanted to design my own.

After some time, lots of coffee and a very scary incident involving
me, alone in the house with my hands super-glued to the lino tile that I
was attempting to secure around the roller barrel, I was nearly there.

I few tweaks and a bit of Annie Sloan paint and this is the result, printed on a dark blue linen.


The patterned roller, like all printing, appeals to my impatient
nature as once the initial preparation is complete you can be quite
prolific in producing prints.  In fact, no plain surface is safe now!

Give them a go yourself, it’s really easy and great fun.